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Welcome to The Fly Factory , one of the Internet's BEST one- stop site for Fishing Flies of all kinds. We currently offer over 3000 fly patterns, many trout and salmon fisherman rely exclusively on us for innovation and quality. We do custom order work as well tied to clients quality. We are always out inventing and introducing new  patterns to our clients  and we happy, loyal and satisfied customers base in the USA, UK, South Africa,Ireland, Germany, Australia,Denmark, Canada and now Sweden too. Our goal has to build a reputation for quality rather than quantity. We have a special introductory offer available, so that you can test our quality. Best Flies and service  are only possible at  The Fly Factory  

Best known for:
-Quality production
-Great care on shipment with boxes
-Daily basis contacts and instant replies
-Discount on large orders 
-First transactions where rush or urgent orders are  taken care of.
-Orders lead-time and turn around is excellent with  no maximum order quantities hence expandable company

 -An always stock for trial order.  

We endeavour to Supply high quality Fishing Flies for Less. A follow up with the customers will prove us right. Although we may not be the cheapest in this field, We make sure that we use the appropriate materials for a particular pattern and the consistency is maintained.

Our staff are happy and well paid. This helps us maintain a good Factory - Customer relationship at all times. The base to high Quality Fishing Flies Reasonably Priced.  Thanks and we will always treat each client as a VIP customers.

The Fly Factory   is registered with the Registrar of companies in Kenya  with the kind assistance of many US and UK companies and Individuals who have made all our Business line.

Our Promise
We promise to deliver to our customers as per their orders and Payments received.  Its upon us to always advise the customer on the tracking numbers of their ordered flies.

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Our Values

We focus on delivering what specific customers want and try our best to cultivate long-term relationships between our customers and us. We believe that offering a broad selection with custom alterations combined with modern fly patterns brings repeat clientele.

Free Education

Our Education section offers information to anyone interested in fly–tying, angling tactics & theory, pattern design etc. and you need not purchase anything to view.

Quality Assurance

Product Design Technician, Production, and Factory Manager is a Canadian Flyfishing and Entomology Instructor with many years of experience in angling and fly tying technology both on the water and at the factory level. Having this kind of experience at the factory daily allows for unique service to our customers.

Product Range

Our factory offers a wide range of insect designs with entomologically correct silhouette / shape first to give the angler a new and modern realistic choice in fishing with handmade flies. Many of our larger flies are designed for freshwater game fish including pike, walleye, goldeye, trout, perch, bass etc. Although we call them flies they are in effect lures and can be used on most kinds of fishing rods and reels for casting, trolling jigging or the like.

Wholesale Distributor

Commercial Fishing Flies Limited is mainly designed for the wholesale marketplace worldwide. If you are interested in larger volume, special packaging or other related information please contact us: E-Mail: sales@commercialfishingflies.com


Got the flies in the mail today: just what I was looking for – well-tied, small Dahlbergs.  I’m particularly interested in trying the "Flathead Diver”; it’s an interesting color variant and I love the red flash.  Hope the smallies do too.  I’m sure I’ll be back for more once the season gets going.  Steve

This will be my second order from your firm in the last few weeks. My confidence comes from my dealings with Tiffany, who was terrific in helping me through a postal service challenge. She was efficient, courteous, professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Please extend my personal thanks to her for her strong efforts.


With over $200 worth of flies ordered in the past 6 months I can say definitively I am a customer for life.  I grew up fly fishing with my father, and am accustomed to spending around $2 per fly. The quality of your flies match or exceed those of the $2 flies. In fact, I have yet to have a single fly come apart even after having several fish really slam them. At your present quality and price point there is just no way to justify spending 4x as much at the local fly shops for the same fly. Additionally it is rare that I can't find the specific fly I want on your website.  One final note, your buyers' reward program is awesome, Who doesn't like earning cash back to essentially get flies for free?

Thank you for the great customer service, flies, and fishing memories.

I have made 5 separate purchases from you in the past month and all have been correct.  A great operation and wonderful patterns. Will be buying more soon. - Warren

It already arrived yesterday and it feels perfect - thanks again for the recc. - also very happy with the price point - feels like rod/reel set ups I've see at 2X the price - cant wait to use it! Fish on brother! - Tom

If your flies are tied as well as you do your customer service, I’ve found a new place to buy the generics that I don’t want to tie.   I am absolutely blown away at how well your website works, how quickly you fulfilled and shipped my order, and your written follow up.  THANK YOU! 


I was curious how much of a hassle this would be, and it was no hassle at all. Thanks for the great customer service. I will continue recommending you to anyone who asks. Have a nice weekend. - Daniel

You guys are without a doubt the greatest company in the world!!!